EDGE Membership

1. What is this 'EDGE' thing and why should I care?

EDGE is a rewards program for YOU, our loyal GameStop customer. When you sign up to EDGE you'll immediately start earning points for every time you trade, pre-order or buy and can take advantage of our many exclusive membership benefits. The more you trade, preorder or buy, the better the perks you'll be entitled to – plus it's FREE to join. Finally it pays to play! Sign up for free with your name, e-mail and phone number at your local GameStop store or Online.

2. How to score EDGE points

Show your card every time you trade, pre-order or buy and you'll score points every time. You'll also get one-off point bonuses by doing stuff like 100% completing your Online profile. As you earn more points you'll progress up through the 3 EDGE Levels. The higher you go, the greater the rewards.

3. The Benefits

Sounds good so far? Have a look here for a list of exactly what benefits you get at each Level, and what you need to achieve to get there. It's not hard, so start collecting points today!

4. Can anybody join?

Just about. Do you have a pulse? Legally reside in Canada? Aged 14 or older? Got a valid e-mail address and phone number? If you can answer all four questions with a "yes", then we'd like to welcome you to the EDGE rewards program. Please note that if you are under the age of majority in your province or territory, you will be required to have your parent or guardian provide consent for you when joining the program.

6. I'm sold! How do I become a member?

Either prove your worthiness by providing solid proof of the Loch Ness monster or visit a participating GameStop store in Canada. Or if you really can't peel yourself off the couch, you can even join Online.

7. Do I always have to show my membership card at check-out?

We can help you get your new game home quicker if you have your card, but no, you're fine without it. If you forgot your card at home, you can give your phone number or e-mail address to an GameStop associate and they'll look up your info; just be ready to show a second form of ID if required. And no, bringing your dog in to vouch for you doesn't count.

8. What if I lose my membership card?

Just go to any GameStop store and tell an associate that your dog ate it. They'll feel sorry for your lack of imagination and look up your EDGE account using your e-mail address or phone number. You'll be able to get all your benefits and a shiny new card!

9. Can I join EDGE and score points at any GameStop store? What about on the GameStop Canada website?

EDGE is available at all Canadian GameStop locations, and points can be scored for purchases in store and on gamestop.ca.

10. How do I activate my EDGE membership?

Easy. Once you pick up your membership card in the store, you account is active and you can start earning points. However, if you want to take advantage of all the cool benefits of being an EDGE member you need to go to www.gamestop.ca and follow the activation steps. You better do it right away, you don't want your friends getting deals you miss out on cause you were too lazy to fill out your profile.

11. Can I still redeem points if I don't activate my membership?

Yes but you are missing out on a chunk of free points that you can earn by simply filling out your Online profile and game library. Plus there are a stack of features you won't be able to use, like EDGE Express Trade and the ability to have your say by writing reviews and rating games, just to name a couple of things you will be kicking yourself for missing out on!

12. How do I cancel my membership?

Are you nuts? We can't imagine why you'd want to cancel a free membership that gives you all this great stuff! But you can cancel at any time by notifying GameStop Customer Service by snail mail, e-mail or telephone.

13. Can I reactivate my account after I have cancelled it?

No. And be careful. Once you cancel an account, all your earned points are forfeited. Although, you can sign up again and receive a different membership number.

14. Why do you need my E-Mail address?

Chill out! We won't be spamming you and we promise on our vintage NES Zelda collection to never sell or pass on your e-mail address either. We ask for a valid e-mail address to be able to look up your information in-store so that we can give you your benefits if you've forgotten your card, and to deliver EDGE news, exclusive offers, invitations and more.

15. Can I opt out of E-Mail communications?

E-Mail is the only way you can get EDGE news, exclusive offers, invitations and more. You can set your communication preferences in your account to receive only those e-mails that you are most interested in, or you can click the link we include in every e-mail we send, but we hope you would want to hear from us now and then and not tune out completely!

16. What if I can't remember the E-Mail address I used to register?

That's OK, we can't keep track of everything either. Just ask an GameStop store associate to look up your account by name and phone number.

Game Informer Digital & EDGE

1. How do I skip straight to the benefits of a Platinum Membership?

We thought you'd never ask! You can purchase a 12 month Game Informer Digital subscription at any participating GameStop Canada store. Just fork over $14.99 (a small price to pay for all the stuff you get) and you're in!

2. What do I get with my 12 month Game Informer Digital subscription?

Game Informer Digital Subscribers don't need to earn their way to the good stuff, they get to skip straight to receiving the benefits of a Platinum EDGE Membership for 12 months.

  • Unlimited use 10% Extra Trade Credit
  • Buy 2, Get 1 Free welcome voucher for used games
  • $10 extra trade credit gift (1 use only)
  • 10 Day Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Exclusive Birthday Offer
  • 48 Hour Early Sale access
  • 5 Day Preorder hold
  • 48 Hour heads up on selected GameStop Exclusives
  • One year of Game Informer Digital magazine delivered to your mobile device or PC each month
3. Does this mean I get to start with 5,000 points?

We said you could skip to the benefits of a Platinum Membership, not take us for all our points! When it comes to points, GI subscriber or not, everyone needs to start from scratch to earn their way to the ultimate... the Onyx EDGE Memberhsip!

4. What if I am a current EDGE member?

You're extra special. As a current EDGE member, your current Edge card will continue to offer you the same great benefits until the expiry date printed on the card. Once expired, bring it in to your local GameStop store and upgrade it for a Platinum EDGE Membership card for only $14.99 to enjoy the same great benefits, a subscription to Digital Game Informer and more! Easy, huh?

5. What happens to my current subscription to Game Informer Digital if I purchase a Platinum EDGE Membership?

Absolutely nada. Your Game Informer Digital subscription will not be affected. The expiration date on your Platinum Membership will be the new date when your Game Informer Digital subscription expires.

6. Do I get my $14.99 back if I decide to cancel my Game Informer Digital subscription?

You're not going to want to do that in a million years. But if you insist, you'll get a full refund within 7 days of purchasing your subscription by returning your card to any GameStop store.

7. What happens if I don't pay the $14.99 renewal fee?

Sorry, no free rides dude. In the event a Game Informer Digital subscriber does not pay to renew Game Informer Digital after the 1-year subscription period, their EDGE account will be set to the level of the EDGE program they'd be on with their current point balance.

8. What happens to the points I earned as a Game Informer Digital subscriber?

Don't sweat it. All accrued points and the expiration date of accrued points at time of downgrade will remain intact provided you shop with GameStop once every 12 months.

Collecting Points

1. I bought some stuff before becoming a member, can I claim points for it?

Full marks for trying, but unfortunately the answer is no. Points can't be scored on purchases made before joining EDGE.

2. How do I collect Points?

This is an easy one. Simply show your EDGE card or tell us your membership number when you make a purchase at an GameStop Canada store or Online at www.gamestop.ca, and you'll automatically score points for every dollar spent or traded. You can find out all the details here.

3. How long does it take for points to appear in my account?

We won't keep you hanging on too long. Points will pop up in your account the next business day after you trade, pre-order or purchase.

4. Do I score points for buying GameStop gift cards?

Yes but no. You will not receive points when you purchase a gift card, the points will be given to whoever spends the gift card. So if you spend your own gift card, yes you will, but if you give the gift card as a gift (seems logical) then the lucky person that you give it to will earn the points provided they have an EDGE account too.

5. Do I score Points on shipping?

Sorry, no can do. No points are scored for the value of any shipping paid for online purchases.

6. What happens to the points scored on items I returned to the store?

If you don't keep the item, you don't keep the points. When you make a return, the points you scored for that purchase will be deducted from your account. This prevents people from not playing fair, by buying and returning stuff just to scam us for points.

7. What happens if I trade for a game and return the game?

For your original purchase you would have scored points for your trade as well as for your purchase. You will keep the points you scored for the trade (cause we still have your stuff) but you will lose the points you earned for purchasing the game.

8. Does my membership or points ever expire?

Your EDGE card expires every 12 months. At the end of this 12 month period, the system will check the annual number of points accumulated towards the required points for the level. If it is not enough, the member will be downgraded to the level reflective of their current points. Inactivity can also affect your EDGE points. If you do not make at least one EDGE card transaction within 12 months, your membership will level-down to Red and forfeit all points earned up until that point. We clearly have not done our job if that happens.

9. What happens if I decide to live under a rock or overseas for a year?

First question, is there space in your suitcase for us? Secondly, we have a pretty awesome customer service team, who if you bring them back a souvenir, will be able to sort you out.

10. Can I transfer my points to another member's account?

Aww. . .how thoughtful of you to want to give your points away to a needy friend. But sorry no, you can't. Points are not transferable and may not be pooled with other EDGE members.

11. EDGE sounds fantastic but I don't know what some things mean. Can you please explain them?

No worries, we would hate for you to not take advantage of all the awesome benefits of EDGE. So here you go:

Birthday Offer means an offer from GameStop to a Member upon the date of that Member's birthday as provided by the Member through their EDGE Profile.

Bonus Trade Credit means the percentage by which GameStop will increase the trade credit value for Members trading in used games and consoles.

Extra Trade Credit Gift means a one-off amount of credit to be added to the total trade value of a Member's trade transaction.

Early pre-order Access means a specified timeframe within which Members will be notified about selected pre-order products before other individuals who are not Members.

EDGE Profile means a Member's Online profile as accessed through their EDGE Membership Account.

Level Up Bonus means an offer to Members by GameStop whereby if Members purchase two used games from GameStop, they will receive a third used game (of an equal or lesser value) free of charge. Members must present the voucher associated with this offer within the expiry date to use this one-use offer.

Members Only Offers means offers made exclusively to EDGE Members by GameStop from time to time.

Personal Game Library means an Online library of games currently owned by a Member and games they want in the future, as defined by the Member. This library will automatically update when a Member trades and purchases games. A Member can remove and add games from their library whenever they want.

Pre-order Hold means the post-release date period within which a product sold by GameStop and pre-ordered by a Member will be held for said Member.

Satisfaction Returns Period means the period during which a Member is entitled to return a product to an GameStop Store for a full refund on purchase value or store credit, in accordance with the original method of payment. The product must be returned in full and in as-new condition. The Satisfaction Return entitlement is only available for product purchases where a EDGE account was nominated by the purchaser, and assigned to the transaction by either presenting a membership card or by a member lookup performed by a Store Associate; a transaction completed without assigning an EDGE account is not eligible for the Satisfaction Returns benefit, and will require a receipt for returns or warranty claims. The Satisfaction Returns benefit excludes any product with an Online activation code and/or digital content, as well as GameStop gift cards. The stated exclusion does not affect Members statutory rights.

VIP Event Privileges means an invitation offered to Members from time to time by GameStop to attend Events hosted by GameStop or third parties. Selected events may involve a cost for attending Members. Members will receive early access to event ticket sales. Members will be entitled to "jump the line” at selected GameStop product launches.

EDGE Express Trades means that, by completing their Online profile, Members will gain access to a faster trading experience. The EDGE system will pre-populate a Member's details (excluding official ID details) into a trade transaction.

Receipt Free Shopping means GameStop will store your previous five (5) transactions in-store, so you do not require proof of purchase via a receipt. Purchases will appear in the in-store system electronically, the following business day. If a Member wishes to address an issue on the day of purchase, a proof of purchase receipt will need to be furnished by the Member.

Beta Access means from time to time we get access to beta codes that let you test games before they are released. You will need your own computer and internet access but we will give you the money-can't buy code to play.

12. Can I redeem points for merchandise?

No, points are only used to level-up or move you from the various levels. By moving up levels, you can gain new benefits!

Account Activity

1. How often will I receive account updates?

Not so often that your head will explode. You can also customize your settings in your EDGE Online profile to adjust how often you receive stuff. Plus you can always check out your points total by visiting www.gamestop.ca.

2. Where do I go to see my account activity?

Check out your EDGE account activity Online at any time by visiting www.gamestop.ca. Keep in mind that it can take 24-48 hours for your points to appear after a purchase or trade.

3. Will anyone see my profile pic or nickname?

Profile pic nope, nickname yes if you write a review/rate a game. So the moral of the story is, you probably want to avoid nicknames like "Snuggly Boo Boo" if you want to keep your cred up.

4. Who do I talk to if I have a problem?

If it's a problem of the heart or a strange rash we won't be much good to you. However, if you have any questions or problems with EDGE, you can have a chat to any of our friendly store staff or give customer service a call at 1-855-432-3343. View full T&C's here.

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